Meet the Students of GD202

As Graphic Design students at NCSU, you could say we all know each other pretty well. Wrapped up in our College of Design bubbles, we all go to the same classes and do the same projects together, only working with each other and with our professors. This semester though, we were introduced to the concept of using ethnography as part of our design process.

The process was two-fold, the project being called “People and Places”. For the first part of the project, we were to create a two minute “ethnographic snapshot” of a person we found to be particularly interesting. We embraced this project, branching out into the community and coming across some pretty amazing characters. The second part of the project was to then focus on some aspect of our interviews and expand on them, creating a “Knowledge Map” of the subject. This “map”, was to address the three modes of appeal: logos, pathos, and ethos. The project allowed us to do an extensive study of our subject matter and present that information to our audiences in a challenging a new manner.

This website explores this project, from the very beginnings of our video snapshots to our final Knowledge Map documentation and Reflections.