Improv Snapshot Reflection

This experience with ethnographic interviewing was surprisingly fun. I enjoyed getting to know Ian more, and really finding out what his motivations and hopes are with such an interesting hobby. I liked the intimacy of the project, and enjoyed getting to see how an improv group functions behind the scenes. I think ethnographic interviews are valuable because they push the interviewer to go beyond the surface of situations.

I usually find people to be the most interesting part of any story, so narrowing the focus so strongly on a certain person and their background is really appealing. When an interviewer is pushed to place the interviewee in a position of primary importance, his or skills with looking from different perspectives can really be honed. This ability to so specifically tailor a video can translate well to other fields in design.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my final interview. I perhaps would tweak the sound quality a bit more for this version, but I like the direction of the whole and the focus on the intimacy with the interviewee. I also think a few more varied shots of Ian in his own space wouldn’t have been too bad, but I rather like the continuity of including only shots of him in the bathroom and scenes from his practice.

During the editing process, I learned that clips and pieces I might have thought wouldn’t have been used ended up being some of the best parts of my film. Next time, I would definitely take more care to film everything and film it well. I could tell in some shots that I wasn’t paying as much attention to filming when I assumed something unimportant was happening, but I bet I could’ve gotten some great scenes had I kept the same diligence throughout all the filming.


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