Beverage Snapshot Reflection

The ethnographic video interview was a new approach for me to learn about Mike Ritchey, owner of Global Village. By using an ethnographic approach, I feel like I got more information relevant to the next part of the unit.
I tried to keep from using leading questions, but failed at one point. Next time, I would do a mock interview with someone else before asking questions. Overall, I felt like I prepared enough to keep the interview professional and allowed the interviewee to feel comfortable in front of the camera.
I learned through editing the video that there was a lot of content that was not going to fit into 1-2 minutes. It was a challenge to link all of the pieces together and still feel like the audience would be interested after a few minutes. Next time, I would probably shorten the video even more than I did so. Although all of the information was relevant, it was hard to keep the viewer’s attention.


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