Gymnastic Snapshot Reflection

The ethnographic video interview was a new approach to understanding a person for me. As the interviewer, it allowed me to get a deeper idea of what the subject was like. This caused me to value what they do (and why they do it) more than I would have otherwise. I was able to capture my subject, an NC State gymnast, in her every-day environment. Since she was familiar and comfortable in the gymnasium, the form of an ethnographic interview worked perfectly in portraying her persona in a meaningful way.

For the subject, the use of an ethnographic interview allowed her to open up and speak to the camera comfortably. Since ethnographic interviews are similar to a conversation, my subject was able to relax and speak honestly. My subject and I were high school friends, but I had never talked to her about gymnastics. The ethnographic interview enabled me to see her skills, passion, and commitment to the sport, which is something I did not expect.

For interviews in the future, I will become more familiar with the questions I want to ask. I could have prepared better by memorizing my questions, therefore avoiding pauses. I will also think about setting up a tripod so I am able to take notes instead of just filming. I had worked with iMovie briefly before this project, so I only knew a little bit about movie editing. The most helpful thing for me was learning how to separate the audio so it can be arranged among various film clips. If I could change anything about my video, I would play with effects more and possibly experiment with AfterEffects (instead of just using iMovie). Overall, this project taught me many new skills in movie editing and interviewing.


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