Immigration Research

In looking at the ways I can branch off from Brian’s personal data, I can feel really confident that venturing into exploring the culture of new orleans and how it has been affected by hurricane katrina would be a subject able to tap into a large audience that spans ages, genders, and races.
Individual History > Brian Battistella
a. Battistella family from Italy
immigrated to the US in turn of the century
started seafood import company in Louisiana
became major distributor in NO
b. Growing up
Grandfather, Rodney Battistella
owned the fishing camp known as Batt’s Nest along eastern shore of Lake Ponchartrain
love for cooking began at an early age
fished, shrimped, and crabbed
catches always ended up on the Battistella family dinner table
c. Culinary heritage
Italian immigrant, Walter Battistella, began the seafood business in 1877
Grandson Preston Battistella bought out other family members in the family seafood business after returning home in 1946 after serving as a Navy seaman in World War II
Preston built Battistella’s seafood Inc into national enterprise
d. Into cooking
Brian trained racehorses in New York
In 2000, he began working at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans
mastered all of the twelve stations of the restaurant in only three years and became Garde Manger
trained directly under James Beard Award Winner, Chef Jamie Shannon, who in turn, had trained under the legendary Master Chef, Emeril Lagasse.
After Hurricane Katrina, Brian left New Orleans and came to Raleigh. After working with several of the areas leading restaurants, Brian opened a take-out restaurant, Louise’s Restaurant in Clayton.
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita had displaced an estimated 2 million people.
FEMA is paying rental assistance to 685,635 families whose homes were damaged or destroyed by the Aug. 29 and Sept. 24 storms


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