Music Therapy Snapshot Reflection

Interviewing someone is a formal setting for someone to learn a lot about another person and an opportunity for that other person to talk about themselves, which is naturally a pastime most of us enjoy engaging in. The setting of an interview allows one to tell another about themselves without holding back or having to remember to ask the other person about themselves as well which is good practice in most social situations. Therefore, the use of the ethnographic video interview was effective in learning about another person. The value in the video interview is that what the person who is interviewed says is forever captured and can be referenced again so that the listener does not accidentally skew what the interviewee said. Though in contrast, the video camera is also a foreign object to many who are not accustomed to their conversations being recorded and could therefore cause people to hold back some information or not be as comfortable. Next time in an interview I would allow the person more time to freely talk about himself or herself as opposed to expecting him or her to answer only my questions prepared. I feel as though that approach would allow for more interesting and valuable information and footage. Through editing my video I learned a lot about iMovie and how it works. I also learned that having a lot more footage than you need is very helpful. I used two different cameras when recording just in case one camera died or the footage wasn’t top notch. I was very glad I did so because one of the cameras I used did not produce high quality video. If I hadn’t had been using a back up, I would have had to redo the video interview. Next time I would allow more time for the interview to travel where it wanted to go because this time I was unaware that it would take so long and I feel like I may have cut my subject off short as soon as he was getting comfortable in the interview setting.


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