Music Therapy Map Reflection

“The Knowledge Map was a definite challenge because of the context and layout in which the information was presented. The challenge was however and effective learning experience. When the project was first assigned I felt like I would not have enough information about my topic, music therapy, to cover the large real estate. Working with the three appeals helped me expand my approach and concept by giving me guidance and a layout as to what information to include and where to include it. This was not only helpful in making sure I had subsequent information on each page but also helped me to not repeat myself on each panel. I was also focused on using the tropes which specified my search for images so that my map did not result in a hodge-podge of information that would have had the potential to be all over the place. I used metonymy a lot throughout the knowledge map with the piano keys representing all forms of music used in music therapy. I thought a lot about my audience, high schoolers struggling with depression, when designing my map. Since the topic was about depression, I didn’t want to make the map too colorful and happy. However, I’m not sure if the actual depressed look is working. Some of my comments read that the panels seemed depressing and while that was the look I was going for in order to attract my audience, I’m not sure if it helped the design. I also think the depressing feel contradicts with the vastness and glorious potential such a large format could have conveyed. Depression makes me think of feeling small and compact not large and unfolded. However, it was definitely a learning experience for me in choosing a topic that matches the layout if you cannot change the layout. The interactive nature of the artifact interested me in the way that it really taught me to see the product before it was completed and really try to visualize the size and proportions. I used a lot of assets from the video project including quotes from my interviewee, photos from my interviewee and a continued theme of the piano being a major focus. I became frustrated with this project because I felt like we didn’t have much guidance as to what was expected of us as a completed project. I also was not a fan of the layout and size of the knowledge map and felt that for my topic it hindered me more than it helped me. Of course the cost of printing wasn’t a plus but I do agree that it was important in seeing how proportions translate from the computer to paper. Next time I would definitely choose a topic that fit more easily with the guidelines of the project. Also, I would spend more time on research rather than jumping in with the design so quickly. I thought the nature of the crits were helpful to me because it was an equal amount of peer critiques and instructor critiques. Overall, while the project was not one of my favorites, it was definitely a learning experience from which I will take a lot away from.”


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