Knowledge Map

For this project, we were assigned to produce a 24 x 36 inch folded, 2-sided, visual representation of our interview subject, expanded by considerations of audience and designer purpose to more fully describe and explain our subject. It needed to include video footage, still photography, transcript text, and annotation.
What is a Knowledge Map?
Data alone is not very useful; it must be put into a context, be related to other data and information, in order to become useable and understood (knowledge). We do this everyday but are not very systematic about it, and seldom make any record. A Knowledge Map is a record of information and knowledge arranged in ways that make useful connections; it also provides the sources (for credibility) that can be returned to. You probably have mental models like this for vast parts of your life – a map externalizes it for use by others (and might even give you a new perspective). There are a variety of forms for knowledge maps.


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