Choosing Your Subject

Choosing a subject for this project was tricky yet exciting. There are so many interesting people in Raleigh, it became hard to choose just one. For a subject we wanted a person with rich potential: engaging, talkative, interesting life, doing something unusual or doing it unusually, situated in an environment.

Who makes a good subject?
• someone you know well enough to approach easily and quickly
• someone who does something interesting in a special way
• someone local (30 minute radius) whose activity is related to work, home, recreation
• someone whose schedule and environment are easily accessible to you
• someone you want to know more about
• someone and their place you can return to after the interview for more information, pictures (if needed)
• someone in the ‘poor’ category below who is just too compelling to ignore (make your case to your instructor)

Who makes a poor subject?
• someone in your family, among your close friends, among your design peers, college faculty


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